Keynote Lecture

​​Monday, October 26, 2015

The ESGO 2015 Keynote lecture will be delivered by Jacque Marescaux, France, and will be dedicated to Image Guided Surgery.

Jacques Marescaux is Professor of Surgery, CEO of the Image-Guided Minimally Invasive Surgical Institute (IHU Strasbourg) and President and Founder of IRCAD (1994) a uniquely structured institute advancing the field of surgery into the information era. In addition he founded the European Institute for Telesurgery (EITS) as a training facility to disseminate the groundbreaking work at IRCAD. Over the last 20 years this center has gained international acclaim by training more than 40,000 surgeons from 124 countries, and mirror IRCAD institutes have been created in Taiwan and Brazil. To read more, please click he​re.

Session key points:

  • Laparoscopic surgery
  • Percutaneous surgery
  • Flexible endoscopy
  • Virtual reality
  • Augmented reality​

Session abstract​:

MIS, Nex​t Step: Image-guided Surgery

Surgery, interventional radiology, and advanced endoscopy have all developed minimally invasive techniques to effectively treat a variety of diseases with positive impact on patients’ postoperative outcomes. The convergence of minimally-invasive surgery, endoscopy, and interventional radiology could build a new hybrid specialty, hybrid image-guided minimally invasive therapies, in which the three fundamental disciplines could complement one another to maximize the positive effects and reduce the iatrogenic footprint on patients. 
However, those techniques are challenging and require extensive training to obtain the required skill set. Robotics and computer sciences are developing technologies designed to facilitate those minimally invasive approaches, through the concept of Computer Assisted Surgery. The development of enhanced navigation systems based on Virtual and Augmented reality, enables physicians to plan and simulate the therapeutic procedure on a patient-specific virtual model and also to use the virtual model for intraoperative guidance. Surgical robotic platforms are evolving from the current bulky systems, towards promising lightweight miniaturized systems, enabling highly complex tasks. Personalization, automation and imaging are among the pivotal points of this new concept of precision therapies that will be the next revolutionary step in minimally approaches.
In the lecture entitled “MIS, next step: Image-guided surgery” the fundamental steps of this emerging paradigm shift in surgical therapies are described and commented in the light of our experience as Research Institute focusing on image-guided therapies. 

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